Reasons To Try A Jumbo Pizza Slice At Least Once In Your Life

There are few varieties of pizza as renowned as what people call a big or a jumbo slice. This is a pizza that is sold by the slice, rather than by the whole pie, and each slice can often measure 12 to 15 inches — although there are certain pizza restaurants that go even larger. There may not be a jumbo slice pizzeria in your home city, but it's worthwhile to keep your eyes open for this type of establishment when you travel. There are many reasons that you should try a jumbo pizza slice at least once in your life. Here are three such reasons.

It's A Social Media Winner

You'll win the day on social media if you upload a picture or a video of you eating a jumbo pizza slice. While food pictures are always popular on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people will definitely stop on your profile instead of scrolling past when you have an image depicting you holding a pizza slice as big as your head. You're bound to get lots of "likes" and comments, and it can be fun to regale your friends with details about this adventure, as well as perhaps connect with other pizza enthusiasts who found your image due to a hashtag search.

It Adds To The Fun

There's little discounting the fact that eating pizza is fun, but when you gather up some friends and visit a pizzeria that specializes in jumbo slices, you'll often boost the fun factor. Whether you dine in or take out, you'll hardly be able to get through your slice because of all your laughing. You and your friends will surely be holding the pizza slices up, taking photos of each other, and perhaps initiating some fun eating competitions.

It'll Fill You Up

When you order some pizza by the slice, you sometimes face the challenge of not knowing exactly how much to get. For example, one or two slices might be your norm, but if you're extra hungry on a given day, you may worry that you'll still feel a little hungrier afterward — but, you may be reluctant to order a third slice if you aren't sure that you can finish it. When you buy and eat a jumbo slice, there's no chance that you'll be left hungry. It can be a good feeling to know that this one slice will fill you up.

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