3 Ways To Have The Ultimate Pub Experience

If you enjoy dining out and appreciate the opportunity to try different types of establishments, you may wish to dive into the local pub scene. Instead of finding a chain of pubs that you recognize, head off the beaten path a little and choose an authentic and independent pub. A little online research can quickly reveal the restaurant in your area that fits this bill. Pub dining is casual and fun, and best to enjoy with a group of friends. There are ways that you can make the pub experience even better. Here are some suggestions.

1. Ask About The Specialty Fare

There's nothing wrong with visiting a pub and ordering something off the menu that you frequently eat at other restaurants. But, fish and chips and burgers notwithstanding, there's usually a lot more interesting fare to enjoy at a pub. Browse the menu, but don't be afraid to ask your server about what food makes this pub renowned in the area. Whether it's a regional dish or something that you can't usually find outside of a pub, you can then give this dish a try. One item that is popular in pubs and has historical roots is the ploughman's lunch — typically, a combination of bread, cheese, onions, ham, eggs, and greens.

2. Choose A Local Beer

If you enjoy the odd beer, you'll have plenty of options to consider when you visit a local pub. Not only are pubs celebrated for the extensive selection of beer that they have on tap, but many pubs have on-site breweries. Again, you can ask your server about this, although it may be clear due to information on the menu. It always enhances the pub experience to enjoy a pint of whatever beer is brewed at the pub — people frequently enjoy local beer, and you can't get more local than that one that was brewed just yards from where you sit.

3. Wander Around After Ordering

When you dine at a pub, there's no reason to remain seated after you give your orders to the server. Pubs are eclectic environments with plenty to see. Usually, they're filled with interesting displays, artefacts, and even historical information about the area. For example, if you're in a rural area, there may be some displays and items related to the area's farming history. You'll enrich the experience of visiting this type of restaurant by taking a few minutes before your food arrives to wander around and take in these items.

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