Planning The Big Birthday Party At The Perfect Venue

Birthday party planning can be a lot of fun, but there are a lot of details to juggle. Catering, location, guests, and invites can be rather time-consuming. Birthdays are special and worth the work, especially when it's for someone you love. Before you start booking your next event, here are a few tips to help you plan the big party at the perfect venue:

Book a Restaurant Venue

This is a great way to cross two of your biggest to-do items off your party planning list, venue, and catering. See if you can find a venue with a private dining area that is known for their birthday party events. This typically means that they have a room that is separate from their other dining guests where you can host your guests. Choose a place with age-appropriate menu options. If it's for a child's birthday, they may not want a four-course gourmet dinner. Adult guests will want something a little more grown-up, with a good drink menu, too. If you are not familiar with the food the restaurant offers, you can read reviews from other guests or ask to sample the catering menu.  It can be even more convenient if the restaurant has a birthday party package that includes a cake. If they don't, you need to see what their policy is on bringing in outside food. 

Send out Invites and Request R.S.V.P.s

Sending out invites with detailed instructions will help you get ahead of any questions your guests might ask. You can include a menu from the restaurant with dinner options if you want guests to be ready to order when they arrive. Getting an accurate headcount will help you be prepared for the cost of the food. It also ensures that order enough cake. Send out your invites with plenty of time for people to respond and ask them to commit to an R.S.V.P.  If you don't hear from your invited guests, it may be best to follow up to secure that headcount.

Now that you have a birthday venue and your food plan you can sit back and relax. Check-in with the manager a few weeks before the event to go over any last-minute details and any questions you might have.  Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with the excitement, just stay on top of things. Use these tips to plan the big birthday party at the perfect venue so that you can create a day that's memorable!