3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Catering Company For Your Corporate Event

A big part of planning a corporate event is making sure that everyone gets fed good food, and hiring a catering company can make easy work of this task. Here are a few important things to look for when hiring a catering company to serve your upcoming corporate event:

Organic Ingredients

It's important to make sure that the catering company you hire uses healthy, organic ingredients to ensure that the food tastes fresh and is free of things like genetically modified ingredients. Many people choose to avoid chemicals, GMOs, additives, and artificial flavorings, and unless the food that is served at your corporate function is made with organic ingredients, chances are that you'll be disappointing many of your employees and colleagues.

Serving organic food at your corporate event will help encourage a healthy and responsible lifestyle, which in turn could result in healthier employees and fewer days of missed work as time goes on. So make sure that the catering company you hire makes all of their own food from scratch and utilizes mostly organic ingredients.

A Customizable Menu

It's also a good idea to make sure that your chosen catering company offers a customizable menu so you can tweak it to match your event's theme or purpose. For example, if the event is an awards ceremony, you'll likely want to serve something like steak strips over ground beef. In this case, you should have multiple types of protein options to choose from for each meat dish that's on the menu.

Every dish on the menu should be customizable, whether that means omitting an ingredient or adding something new in. And alternative options should be available in case you want to stay away from ingredients that could be possible allergens, such as peanuts. Instead of the peanut satay, you should be able to choose teriyaki skewers.

Plant-Based Meal Options

Another thing that the catering company you hire should offer is plenty of completely plant-based options so you can accommodate your vegan and vegetarian event guests who won't touch the meat dishes. Even the meat-eaters in your group are sure to appreciate the opportunity to enjoy freshly made salads, pastas, and wraps along with the other dishes that are being served.

Make sure that the catering company you hire can serve at least three plant-based meal options that aren't just side dishes so nobody goes home hungry at the end of the night. Look for things like stuffed mushrooms, veggie spring rolls, and even imitation meat dishes.

For more information, contact organic food catering businesses.