Eating Healthy At A Bar-And-Grill-Style Restaurant

When you think of eating healthy food, visiting a local bar and grill is probably not what comes to mind. However, there may be times when your friends decide to eat at such a restaurant, or when you're in the mood to relax at a bar — but you don't want the calories. Is it possible to visit a bar-and-grill-style restaurant without kicking your diet to the curb? Absolutely! Just follow these tips.

1. Order light beer or a diet soda cocktail.

If you don't drink your calories, you can enjoy more food without breaking your diet. If you don't want to drink alcohol at all, then by all means, order plain water to drink. But if drinking is part of the experience for you, order a light beer or a diet soda cocktail. There are plenty of light beers that contain around 100 calories each, which is pretty reasonable. A shot of liquor is also around 100 calories, and you can have it mixed with zero-calorie diet soda of any kind.

2. Say "no" to the fries.

Fries are a quintessential part of most bar and grill meals, and that's the problem. They sit there and you nibble on them a little at a time, but they add up quickly. You can resist the temptation to nibble by not ordering fries in the first place. If you want the experience of finger food, ask if you can have a plate of carrots and celery; most bars stock these veggies as they serve them alongside chicken wings.

3. Enjoy your burger, but without a bun. 

Burgers are a popular option at bar-and-grill-style restaurants, and the good news is that it's completely possible to enjoy one without killing your diet. Just leave the bun behind! Ask the server if you can have your burger wrapped in lettuce instead, or just have it placed straight on the plate so you can eat it with a knife and fork. Not eating the bun will save you at least 200 calories.

4. Don't share food with friends.

If you're dining out with friends, you may be tempted to order several dishes to share. This is common practice at casual bars with a lot of appetizer-style dishes on the menu. But when you dine in this way, it's tough to keep track of how much you eat. By ordering your own dish, you can have more control over your portions.

If you follow the tips above, you can have a great time dining out at a bar and grill, like The Shanty, but without the guilt of breaking your diet. Enjoy!