4 Unusual Beer Flavors to Try at Pubs

Getting a little tired of the same beer flavors? There's no reason to always stick with the tried-and-true versions, considering the plethora of fascinating brews on the scene today. At an English-style brew pub, you can sample a wide variety of beverages, including some of the more unusual beers. You can stay loyal to the British breweries if you like, but the pubs generally offer numerous options from other regions. Brew masters are becoming increasingly creative because of all the competition in this field, which has resulted in an enormous range of beer flavors. [Read More]

When The Moon Hits Your Eye: Amazing Pizza Facts You Might Not Know

If you're like most of the world. you've fallen in love with pizza. Pizza takes different forms all over the world, but there are probably some things you didn't know about the cheesy tomato pie you're about to eat. Here are some awesome pizza facts you may not have known about: 1. The very first pizzas did not have any cheese, or even any tomatoes. The first Italian flat breads were baked on stones and seasoned with herbs. [Read More]