7 Tips For Eating Healthy At Your Favorite Bar And Grill

Changing to a healthier diet does not necessarily mean you have to divorce your favorite bar and grill. You can still join your friends and family for a fun night out and not sacrifice your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips to remember to stay on course with your dietary plans.  

  1. Avoid sugary shots. Hard liquor is usually low calorie, but once it is mixed with creams or sugars, the amount of calories can significantly increase. Opting for hard liquor, such as gin, and skipping the stir-ins can help prevent this.  

  2. Eat as you drink. One of the biggest mistakes you could make is not eating a healthy meal before or during the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can sometimes bring on cravings to eat foods that are high in calories. Making healthy food decisions while drinking will help to stave off the cravings.  

  3. Skip the free munchies. Freebies, such as pretzels, breadsticks, and tortilla chips can add a bunch of empty calories to your dining experience before you even get to ordering. Ask the server to remove them or send them back when they are brought to your table.  

  4. Order first. Listening to the orders from others can sometimes spark an urge to eat outside of your diet. By ordering first, you can make healthier choices based on your assessment of the options and not what your friends and family are eating.  

  5. Leave off the extras. Gravies, sour cream, cheese, and other special sauces can hurt your efforts to make healthier choices. If you must add them to your meal, ask for them to be served in a cup or dish on the side so you can control how much is used.  

  6. Look outside the appetizer section. There is not a set rule that requires you to order your appetizers from that section of the menu. In a bar and grill, finding a healthy appetizer might require looking at other sections. For instance, you might find a salad in the Main Entrée section that can be halved and served as an appetizer.  

  7. Know the code words. Before ordering, take the time to look for code words that indicate the foods might not be right for you. For instance, "breaded" and "buttered" usually do not bode well for your diet. However, "grilled" and "poached" usually indicate a healthier option. 

Sticking to your diet at a bar and grill is possible with careful attention to detail and smart choices. Talk to your server about other options, such as a healthy eating menu, that may be available to you.