Take Out Italian Food Perfect For A Clean Bulking Diet

Most people bulk during the colder season, but if you're underweight and are in a bodybuilding program that has you on excess calories, then you're not one of them. And you're also probably looking for ideas to get as many useful calories into your diet as possible. If you are not the type to prepare your own meals, then you are going to have to rely on delivery foods. Breakfast is somewhat easy, you can get a two big bacon and egg sandwiches  to go(lots of good protein, fat, and cars) but lunch can be tricky. So, here's some ideas for a clean bulk (not loads of junk food filled with empty sugar calories). You are not looking to dirty bulk, so you are going to want things besides candy bars and cheeseburgers.

Pizza With Meat and Vegetables

Pizza is not a taboo food when it comes to bulking. Just because it has bread it doesn't mean that it should avoided. First, it has cheese, which is a super good source of protein and fat. Not to mention it's calorie dense. There is also the tomato sauce, which is a fantastic source of vitamins (namely lycopene) which is important when you're stressing your body by working out a lot. One way to make that slice of pizza even better is to order extra toppings. You should consider adding sausage or meatballs for the added protein. Then you should consider adding vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, onions, and olives. While these vegetables don't add to the calories, they do something that is important, namely provide you with lots of antioxidants. Remember, working out stresses the body, and to combat that stress antioxidants are very important.

Eggs and Pepper Sandwich

Eggs are a staple in any bodybuilding diet because they are a perfect source of protein. And when you are ordering a lunch from an pizza shop, don't forget to consider one of the classic Italian sandwiches: egg and pepper. The eggs provide the protein, and the peppers give you a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Also, the bread gives you a decent calorie load in the form of carbs (which are fine on a bulking diet). To boost the calorie load to the sandwich you can ask the restaurant to add extra olive oil to the sandwich and maybe grate some hard cheese over the entire thing.

Chicken Parm Sandwich

If you're not a fan of eggs for lunch (maybe you are sick of them from eating eggs for breakfast all the time) then a second classic Italian sandwich you can order is a nice chicken parm. These are super for a bulking diet. They have chicken (an awesome protein source) as well as cheese (protein, fat, and loads of calories) and sauce plus the carbs of the bread. It's a great way to get loads of healthy calories in during your lunch without having to resort to drinking gainer shakes or something else that is not appetizing.

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