Food And Music: Three Fun Restaurants For A Second Date

If you're getting ready for your second date, and you are looking for a more exciting option than a regular restaurant, then you should consider a restaurant with live music. These are a bit more fun than a regular restaurant, and it's also a nice change of pace from a quiet sit down meal. However, you still will get to talk and get to know one another, so it's more intimate than simply attending a concert. Here are a few different ideas for restaurants with live music:

Indian Restaurant With Live Sitar Music

One cool idea is to check out an Indian restaurant that has live music. Some Indian restaurants will have sitar music. The nice thing about sitar music is that it is not too overpowering or loud. It's nice background music, which will make the meal enjoyable, but it won't create an atmosphere where you and your date won't be able to hear one another. Sitar music, in case you've never heard it before, it a classical Indian style of music that is produced using a stringed instrument (the sitar). Sometimes there is a vocal accompaniment, but more often than not it's simply music without singing.

Mexican Restaurant With Mariachi

If you're looking for a more fun and lively atmosphere, then you might want to go to a Mexican restaurant that features a Mariachi band. These are the iconic bands of guitar players who dress up in traditional Mexican garb and will move about the restaurant and perform their songs. You will need to look for a Mexican restaurant that advertises live music because it's not a common feature of all Mexican restaurants. Look for a restaurant that is geared towards large parties, and make sure to check that they have live music, not just pumped in ballads that play over the speakers.

Brewpub Restaurant With Live Band

If you're not interested in a too formal sit down restaurant, then you should consider a brewpub with a kitchen, as well as cool live music. These spots are nice if you are looking for live music that is close to a small concert experience. You can find brewpubs with rock or indie bands lined up to play. It's also a great choice if you don't feel like a big meal, but also don't like the idea of a bar without anything to eat. A good brewpub with a nice kitchen will have small entrees that you can eat at the bar or a small table before the live music comes begins.