Drink-Up! Wine-Themed Crafts For Your Empty Bottles And Corks

What are you doing with those wine bottles and used corks? Start saving them and create some cute wine-themed crafts for the home. These are a fun way to combining your love of wine with a personal project that is perfect to give away as a gift!

Some clever crafts for wine enthusiasts include these ideas:

Recycle your corks. Corks are one of those versatile crafting items that you should be hanging on to. Start collecting these in a dish or basket and create some distinctive wine-themed accents that others will admire and want for themselves!

Some great wine-cork crafts include:

  • It is so easy to make cork magnets; simply, glue or adhere magnetic backing to the cork. You can also slice the cork to make small, button-sized magnets.
  • Drill a hole and glue an eye-screw in a wine-cork to make a cork key fob. The benefit? Your keys will become buoyant, and won't sink if dropped in the water, pool, or lake!
  • Recycle your corks into a source of light. Make a cork torch by soaking them in 70% alcohol for at least 24 hours. Place in a shallow dish and light during power-outages or when you need some illumination.
  • Glue corks together to make a cute cork trivet that will withstand a hot dish, pot, or pan, on your counter.
  • Make a much-larger trivet that becomes a rug or mat for the floor. Invest in some cheap rubberized backing to glue and hold the corks in place.

Save the bottle. Admit it; some wine bottles are simply too pretty to throw out. Start saving these and make a few wine-bottle projects that give these recyclables a second-life!

Some inspired ideas include:

  • Soak and save the labels from wine bottles to use as decoupage. These can be saturated with glue and used to adorn furniture, books, or canvases.
  • Wrap the bottle with twine, secured with hot-glue, to use as a decorative vessel for fresh flowers.
  • Buy a plunger top to control the output and make a wine-bottle plant feeder. Simply fill with water, attach the plunger top, and stick (neck-first) into the garden or your plant pot.

Try these ideas, too. Did you know that you can paint with wine? Save a bit of that favorite bottle of red and use a paint brush to write a note or decorate stationary in a unique way!

Start saving your used bottles, corks, and labels, and make something that pays tribute to your love of wine. Share a glass of your favorite wine and give these crafting ideas as gifts to someone else who shares this passion.

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