Tips For A Great Experience At A Waterfront Restaurant

Dining out on the waterfront can be so enjoyable. As you eat your meal, you can watch and listen to the waves crashing into the shore. You may even get to see dolphins out in the distance, or at least some seabirds meandering about. If you are not experienced with waterfront dining, however, you might benefit from a few tips that can help guarantee a better time:

1. Dress casually

Even at more upscale waterfront restaurants, the dress code tends to be more casual than it would be at a comparable inland restaurant. Something about being on the beach makes everyone feel relaxed. You would likely look overdressed in a suit or formal dress. Dressier pants with a loose, flowing shirt would look right at home. A casual skirt with a button-up blouse is another nice look. If the restaurant is on the more laid-back side, you can just wear your shorts, tank top, and other beachy apparel. Just don not walk in wearing a bathing suit with no cover-up.

2. Be prepared for seafood

Most waterfront restaurants feature seafood dishes as the stars of the menu. After all, you're looking at the water while you dine, so it only makes sense to eat foods that come from it. If you are not a huge seafood fan, you might want to look at the menu beforehand and ensure there are some non-seafood options. Most restaurants do include a burger or chicken dish on the menu for people who don't enjoy fish and shellfish.

3. Know there may not be air conditioning

Most waterfront restaurants are open-air, which means they are not air-conditioned. If you visit on a cool, breezy day, you'll be comfortable (and they may turn on some heat lamps to keep you warmer). But if you visit on a hot day, be prepared to be warm. Sitting on the patio in the breeze will help you keep cool, as will ordering cold drinks and dishes that are served cold.

4. Plan on staying a while

Waterfront restaurants, as mentioned above, are pretty relaxed establishments. There will be no reason to rush to finish your meal and head out. The restaurant will expect you to linger and relax a while, so plan for this in your schedule. 

With the tips above, your waterfront dining experience will probably be lovely. Order your favorite dish, and watch the waves go by.