Three Reasons That You'Ll Enjoy A Peanut Butter Burger

Visiting a restaurant that specializes in hamburgers and that offers a lengthy menu gives you the fun option of trying a burger with toppings that you've never encountered. As you peruse the available choices, you'll sometimes come across a burger that has peanut butter as a topping. While there's no doubt that peanut butter is better known as a sandwich ingredient, many people also enjoy it as a burger topping. Even if this idea seems a little unconventional, you may wish to give it a try. Here are three reasons that you may enjoy a peanut butter burger.

It Holds The Other Toppings Together

No one enjoys when a burger's toppings slip out from between the meat and the bun, requiring you to push them back into place. This can sometimes happen with toppings that are moist, such as slices of tomato. When you have peanut butter as a burger topping, you'll notice that this issue won't generally occur. The sticky texture of the peanut butter plays a critical role in holding the other toppings where they need to be. This can help you to eat the burger with ease from the first bite to the last bite.

It Provides Extra Protein

The burger patty provides you with a good source of protein, as do toppings such as bacon and cheese. Many other toppings have little to no protein, however. Protein is valuable in the body for a number of reasons, including the fact that it helps you to feel full. When you choose peanut butter as a topping for your burger, you're choosing a topping that is packed with protein. If you're the type of person who doesn't always feel full after your burger meal, give a peanut butter burger a try next time you eat out to ensure that you feel full afterward.

It Yields Unique Flavors

It can be fun to try burgers that have unique flavor combinations. While there's certainly nothing wrong with a burger that has conventional toppings, trying something new can be exciting. The taste of peanut butter will definitely change the overall flavor profile of the burger, and the additional toppings — some restaurants combine toppings such as bacon, hot peppers, and even a fried egg on peanut butter burgers — can create an overall taste that you find really appealing. Visit a local burger restaurant that has a wide range of options to give a new burger a try.