Buy Customized Pizza To Enjoy During A Company Lunch

If a neighborhood restaurant recently opened and they offer a build-a-pizza option, you may be intrigued by this service since you can have your pizza piled high with your favorite toppings or omit the excess sauce that some pizza chains tend to slather across pizza dough. Plan an employee lunch, which can be enjoyed inside of the new establishment or at your place of business.

Learn How It Works

Before you invite your employees to enjoy customized pizza, learn how the customization process works. This will require you to visit the restaurant on your own or to bring along your spouse or another guest, to enjoy a tasty meal. The pizza bar could be centrally located, which will allow you to view the toppings and watch as a prep worker assembles your personal creation.

If the bar is not within view and the toppings are set behind the counter where customers place their orders, use the menu as a guide to help you create a custom pizza that contains a specific crust type, sauce variety, cheese blend, and group of toppings.

Inquire about takeout services since you may want to offer your employees customized pizza but enjoy the luncheon on your company's grounds or within the break area that your staff members normally utilize. Upon paying your check, request a copy of the menu that the restaurant features so that you can show it to the people whom you will be treating to a custom lunch.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

To make things as simple as possible, when it comes to ordering the custom pies, decide if you and your guests are going to share full-sized pizzas or if each person will be responsible for customizing a personal pizza. Specify what you plan on offering during the luncheon and allow your employees to provide input, concerning crust, sauce, and cheese varieties or the toppings that they prefer.

If you decide to go with full-sized pizzas, maybe you can order a vegetarian and meat-themed one, which each feature a blend of custom ingredients. Add some side orders to the meal, including breadsticks, garden salad, mozzarella sticks, or any other specialties that the restaurant offers.

If the luncheon will be held at your place of business, purchase paper utensils, napkins, and dinnerware for you and your employees to utilize. Otherwise, set up a carpool plan, which will involve select drivers providing transportation to and from the restaurant.