Tips For Enjoying Sharing Plates With Friends At Your Local Gastropub

Intimate, stylishly decorated, and with an appetizing menu, your local gastropub restaurant can be an enjoyable place to visit in a number of scenarios. While this is a good restaurant to choose for your date nights, it can also be a fun place to gather with a group of old friends for some food, drinks, and conversation. There's nothing wrong with every member of your dining party ordering their own meal, but you may also want to see what sharing plates your local gastropub has available. Many of these eateries have sections of their menus devoted to such fare. Here are some tips for enjoying some sharing plates with friends.

Take A Consensus Before Ordering

It's nice to discuss the various sharing plates that appear on the menu with your dining partners before you order. Sharing plates are ideal because everyone gets to pick and choose a variety of items, but you want to consider each person's palate before deciding which plates to get. For example, one person may be a picky eater or may have certain food allergies that limit their ability to enjoy some of the items on the plates. Try to choose the plates that will give each member of your group the best variety of things to eat.

Be Fair About What You Eat

A sharing plate typically has various types of food that complement each other. When the plate arrives, you may quickly realize that you're particularly keen on eating one specific item. Now is the time to assess the size of your dining group and the number of items on the plate. For example, if there are eight devilled eggs on the plate and four people in your group, logic should dictate that each of you gets two eggs. Even if you love deviled eggs, make sure that you're fair about not consuming more than your share.

Move Plates If You Need To

Some groups enjoy ordering a number of sharing plates and having them come to the table one at a time. In other scenarios, you might like the idea of your server placing two or more sharing plates on the table together. In the latter case, don't be afraid to move the plates around partway through the meal. For example, you might be largely focusing on the plate that is closest to you so that you don't have to reach across the table. Switching the plates' positions before they're empty gives everyone a chance to try different items.

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