4 Dinosaur-Themed Custom Pizzas Ideal For Children

When it comes to meals and children, adding some fun goes a long way in helping get through dinner. If you want children to explore new pizza toppings and options, then consider the addition of a popular theme like dinosaurs. When you order customized pizza, choose toppings to represent fun themes and ideas.

Check out some of the options below and then play along with your child to come up with additional topping ideas.

1. Dinosaur Jungle

Dinosaurs were known for living in lush landscapes and the undeveloped world. Create a customized pizza that represents their terrain. Two of the basic ingredients you can add to the top of the pizza are broccoli and spinach. Broccoli pieces look like trees in the jungle, and spinach leaves look like lush plant life from the prehistoric era.

Before showing the child the pizza, consider placing a few plastic dinosaur toys on the top. The toys will make it look like the dinosaurs are roaming the jungle and children may be more encouraged to try the pizza.

2. Digging for Fossils

Dinosaurs were first discovered thanks to the preserved bones buried in rock and stone. As children learn about fossils and how paleontologists dig for them, you can turn the fun activity into a custom pizza creation. When you order toppings, ask for the toppings under the cheese. As children eat their pizza, they can use a fork to dig through and find the toppings.

Add in a variety of toppings so children can discover unique flavors and different toppings all over the pizza.

3. The Volcano Eruption

Active volcanoes were a big part of the prehistoric era, and you can represent the magma and hot lava with a volcano pizza. Choose some spicy ingredients for pizza toppings. Depending on your child's taste preferences, you could go with something mild like a barbecue pork pizza or something with a little more kick like a buffalo chicken pizza.

Turn the pizza into a challenge to see how much spice a child can eat.

4. The Carnivore

Predatory dinosaurs like the spinosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex were known as meat-eating carnivores. Children can role-play as their favorite carnivores with a meat lover's pizza. Choose from two to three different meat toppings like sausage, bacon, and chicken. Pepperoni is a classic topping you could add as well.

If your child prefers plant-based foods, then simply change up the order to create a herbivore pizza with all veggie toppings.

Make a new tradition as you come up with a special dinosaur theme each time you order pizza for the family. Contact a pizza restaurant like Scittino's Italian Market Place to learn more.