Love Spice? Look For Ramen That Features These Things

One of the things that a lot of people enjoy about eating ramen is that the flavors can vary significantly depending on what you order. On any ramen restaurant menu, you'll see bowls with different broths, different ingredients, and completely different flavors. It can be a fun experience to order something new each time you go out for ramen, as doing so will help you to determine your favorite product. If you're in the mood for some spice, you'll want to carefully peruse the menu and enjoy a bowl of ramen that features these things.

Diced Chilies

A lot of bowls of ramen get their spice from diced chilies. The exact variety of the chilies can vary based on where you're eating, but they'll often be red or green. They'll add a good amount of spice to each bite. You have the option of either eating the pieces or leaving them in the bottom of the bowl after they've flavored the broth. At some ramen restaurants, you can specify how much spice you want when you order. In many cases, the kitchen staff will add additional diced chilies if you're looking for something extremely hot.


You'll also see ginger as an ingredient in many ramen bowls, and it will add some spice without being quite as hot as a bowl that is loaded with chilies. If you enjoy a moderate degree of spice and the idea of chilies feels a little too hot for your palate, look for a ramen product that contains ginger. It might be fresh or pickled, depending on the restaurant that you visit, and either variety will give you a slight amount of spice.


While you might occasionally see bowls of ramen that list sriracha sauce among the ingredients, this is often a condiment that you can ask your server to bring to your table. It's a good way to add spice to your ramen meal in a controlled manner. If you've previously enjoyed sriracha sauce, you likely have a good understanding of its heat level. In this case, you can confidently add as much sauce as you want to your bowl. If you haven't previously had sriracha sauce, it's easy to add a few drips to your ramen, stir the bowl thoroughly, and then taste it to see how spicy it is. You can then add more of the sauce, as needed, to attain your desired level of spice.

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